OPPA RESEARCH – The Evolution of Content Consumption on Mobile & Tablets


OPPA investigated in March 2013 its members, in order to design a clear picture of the traffic on all devices, browsers and apps. In March 2014 it was time to have a deeper look in the latest evolutions:

  • The total number of tablet and mobile app downloads increased from 2.6 mio to 4.5 mio, that`s x 1,75 in 1 year time. There is an average growth of 127000 new downloads every month.
  • There is an impressive growth of the monthly page requests on tablets, which are almost doubled compared with March last year
  • The total monthly page requests on all devices (PC, smartphone, tablet) measured on the OPPA members` sites are 37% higher as in March 2013.
  • The repartition between the devices is comparable with last year. From the 1.38 billion page requests, 72% are generated on PC, 21% on mobile (apps and mobile browsers) and 7% on tablets (apps and tablet browsers)


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