BAM Marketing Congress: lees hier de verslagen door 4P square


Op 6 en 7 december vond het BAM Marketing Congress plaats met als thema ‘The Meaningfulness of Marketing’. Twee dagen lang konden bezoekers luisteren naar keynotes door onder andere Bob Hoffman (Ad Contrarian), Tom Goodwin (Zenith Media), Simon White (FCB West) en Peter Schelstraete (Ubuntoo).

4P square, het sales- en marketingbedrijf gevestigd in Mechelen, vatte een handvol talks samen en goot de kern van het verhaal in zeven vlotte verslagen.

Hieronder bieden we de verslagen van 4P square aan. Klik op de titels om de volledige teksten te lezen.

Bob Hoffman – Marketers are from Mars, consumers are from New Jersey (door Jonas Rits)

There’s something wrong with marketing, and Bob Hoffman can’t really put his finger on it. We’re in a state of confusion, he says. Marketers have lost touch with reality and with the average consumer, or as they are also called, people.

Alfred Levi (AholdDelhaize) – The next marketer’s hope (door Evelien Wuyts)

Marketers face many challenges nowadays: technology is rapidly evolving, we receive more customer feedback than ever and many marketers struggle with return on investment. Alfred Levi, Senior Vice-President Marketing and Media at AholdDelhaize, spoke about retail marketing at the BAM congress and showed how marketers from other sectors can learn, from a retail perspective, how to deal with contemporary marketing challenges.

Jos de Blok (Buurtzorg) – What creates meaningful work and meaningful marketing? (door Soraya Hayani)

In 2006 homecare in the Netherlands knew an all-time low. Due to demographic developments, there were capacity problems, the care activities were standardised, and the quality of healthcare decreased while the costs increased. This caused both professionals and patients to be displeased with the, then current, situation.

Elisabet Lamote & Jan Dejonghe (Trooper) – Let your target audience be your driving force to success (door Jasper Van Beurden)

Trooper is a platform where you can find web shops for the products you want to buy whilst also supporting an association or organisation of your choice. At first, Trooper might seem a small company with just 7 employees of which only 5 work fulltime. So how can a company with that few employees make an impact for over 3.000 associations in Flanders?

Tom Goodwin – Advertising for the post digital age (door Julie Coonen)

Tom Goodwin starts his keynote with showing us incredible technologies such as robots, self-driving cars, voice operated home devices, drones, shoes that are able to order pizza etc. He wants to point out how many advancements have been made with technology and how great it is to work in marketing in this day and age. So why are most things the same?

Ynzo van Zanten (Tony’s Chocolonely) – The story of an unusual chocolate bar (door Lisa Vermaeren)

While chocolate is one of those things that makes people happy, the hard truth is that most chocolate bars are produced in poor and illegal circumstances. Children are forced to work at cocoa plantations in terrible conditions and cocoa farmers are severely underpaid. Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission: to end modern slavery in the cocoa industry and create 100% slave free chocolate worldwide.

Xavier Huberland (RTBF) – The future of broadcast: putting the audience first (door Jolien Joris)

We don’t have to tell you that the future of television broadcasters is threatened by the digital revolution. These days we all want to cherry pick our favourite channels, shows, movies etc. We have unlimited access to video channels such as Amazon, Netflix, Youtube and even free online channels. To address this challenge, broadcasters need to rethink their decade-old model built around solid media pillars. And that’s exactly what RTBF did.