Laden Evenementen

The 5th Conference: Web3, Blockchain & Crypto

17:00 - 18:00

In the past few months, the world has woken up with a new wave of innovation:

  • Christie’s selling digital art NFTs for 69 million!?
  • Someone paying 4 million for a piece of digital land in the Sandbox Metaverse!?
  • 110 billion dollars locked in Decentralized Finance crypto applications!?

In short, all on Web3, Blockchain and Crypto is taking a huge leap ahead.

And exactly that will be the topic of the next edition of The 5th Conference. On Wednesday 30 March, keynotes and panelists, both from the traditional and the ‘new’ finance world, will unravel some of the money topics. What is DeFi? What about programmable money and stablecoins? How is this related to Web3 and Blockchain?

This networking evening will take place at MC Square in Leuven and is hosted by Gerrie Smits, author on Blockchain. Among his guests we see lots of industry leaders and experts like Jean-Luc Verhelst, Assita Kanko, Geert Noels, Tom Palmaerts, Charlotte Van Brabander, Michiel Stokman, Nicolas Van Hoorde and many others.

On Thursday 31 March, a free online conference will line up experts focusing on Blockchain, Web3 and all its consequences and Finance, Crypto and NFTs.