UPP Changing Media Speaker Event – Google: a summary


On the 16th November 2016 there was the Changing Media Speaker Event_Google powered by UPP.
Key note speakers were Rainer Kirschke (Agfa) and Thierry Geerts (Google).
About 50 persons followed this event. The audience consisted of publishers, lawyers, sales managers,…etc.

You can find here a brief summary of their presentation by giving the Key Findings.

Rainer Kirschke, Business Manager Mobile Publishing at Agfa

The Value of Mobile Publishing

He gave a presentation about the future of publishing which lies in mobile content. Eversify, a solution from Agfa Graphics, is a mobile content publishing software solution that can be integrated in any editorial, content management or layout system based on Adobe or InDesign. It delivers automated diversified content streaming to a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets) and websites.

Key Findings:

Content creation driven by empowerment.
The focus has to be on younger consumers; which includes enrichment of content with videos, images, games, transactional opportunities. Integrate also data base-content.
For mobile projects, it is not about copying across from your print product. Advertisements have to be dynamic, vivid and interactive.
Use a storytelling process to produce high-quality content.

Automation and diversification let you focus on journalism.
Integrate mobile publishing processes with existing editorial systems. Go for an algorithmic selection for higher personalization. Use cloud and SAAS solutions.

Analyse your audience: what do they want (or not) in a digital product?
Measure what actual readers like, dislike or want from publishers.

Mobile publishing is not an adventure, it’s an opportunity.
Monetization of content and services to subscribers/readers: Attract attention with an inspiring digital kiosk, develop services based on archives, sell newspaper- & magazine mobile products, play a trick on ad-blocking and create an efficient workflow architecture

Thierry Geerts, Country Director Google Belgium

He gave a glimpse how Google changes our business and the way we work. He is the perfect person who can show us the pitfalls and the possibilities that the digital revolution has in store for the media industry.  A threat to the media? Absolutely! An opportunity for the media sector? Absolutely!

Key Findings:

Google wants to be a personal assistant for any individual, giving answers without asking questions.

Production is not the value anymore but the connection between people is today’s value. See Uber, AirBnB

In Media, Video is the new(s) standard

Everyone is a customer today, even someone without money.

Go for Right Time Marketing. There are millions of people, billions of moments that matter. Go for the right message, to the right people, on the right time.

Change the work culture. Stop networking computers, start connecting people.

Panel Discussion

Afterwards there was a panel discussion with Thierry Geerts, Gert Ysebaert (CEO Mediahuis) and Sylvie Irzi (Managing Director Initiative) and Moderator: Geert Van Nieuwenborgh (Commercial Director Corelio Printing). The following topics received attention: copyright, Google News, the future  for smaller publishers,…

Key Findings:

Sylvie Irzi:
Transparency is necessary for programmatic advertising to prevent abuse.

Gert Ysebaert:
Publishers have to focus on print and digital. Those who have not taken any digital initiative, it’s time to start. The time of trying is almost over.

Thierry Geerts:
Google is working hard on a fact-checker to detect fake messages so that they don’t just appear at the top of Google Search.
But it is important not to ban certain sites because this will lead to a certain censorship with the danger of undermining the democracy.