OPPA publishes first edition of “Your Digital Marketing Guide”



With this guide the OPPAb will in the first place reach new recruits and school leavers doing the first steps in the world of digital media as digital media buyer, planner or research specialist in a media agency or the marketing department of an advertiser.


“Your Digital Marketing Guide” focuses on the digital evolutions of publishers sites where content and branding play a crucial role. The +/- 180 pages illustrate:

•    Our surveys  “In Content We Trust”, “Mobile Survey” and “Brand Buzz Survey”  prove the importance of qualitative content and the strengths of strong media brands.

•    The basics of a planning and buying process : what`s in a briefing, which are the most used formats, which information is available on a tactical plan, what are the most used KPI`s, …

•     The organogram of the 11 OPPAb publishers with clear and comprehensible audience data per site and special attention to mobile and tablets data, number of articles and video`s  published per month.

•    Cross-media cases

•    An indispensable terminology


A simple mail to siska.truyman@theppress.be is sufficient to receive a copy of this first edition.