Half of European display ad revenue is now traded programmatically


IAB Europe, in collaboration with IHS Markit, announces that the total programmatic display advertising market in Europe experienced another year of double-digit growth jumping 42,7% from €5.7bn in 2015 to €8.1bn in 2016.

The report reveals that 50,1% of European display ad spend is now traded programmatically. Additionally, programmatic video grew by an exponential 155% and now accounts for more than 45% of total online video ad spend. Mobile continues to be the ‘most’ programmatic format with 65% of mobile ad spend traded programmatically in 2016.

Whilst CEE is still small in size and maturity, it is starting to catch up and grew by 53% in 2016 compared to Western Europe which grew by 42%.

Programmatic revenues by format:
• Mobile – €3.5bn
• Video – €1.37bn

Programmatic revenues by region:
• Western Europe – €7.5bn
• Central and Eastern Europe – €0.6bn