Adobe`s new ad report: bigger smartphone is a bless for the advertiser and media buys more effective on certain days of the week


The growing popularity of large-screen mobile devices is having a big effect on mobile ads. That`s one of the takeaways from the new Adobe Digital Index`s Q4 Digital Advertising Benchmark report.
Bigger smartphones, as well as phablets and tablets, mean that more of the clicks on ads are intentional — and fewer are “fat finger” accidental ones.


Clickthrough rates for mobile devices saw a big boost, 27 percent year-over-year for tablets and 26 percent for smartphones. This, in turn, has driven a 19 percent increase in CTR for Google advertisers in general (Q4 year-over-year).


The much higher CTR also represents a more efficient ad spend, the report noted, since the cost-per-click (CPC) rates are up only 8 percent on Google. In other words, it`s more return for the buck. Yahoo/Bing, the report said, is not so efficiently optimized, as CPC there is up 7 percent year-over-year while CTR growth is zero.


The report suggests also that marketers should consider the day of the week when making media buys. Mobile searches happen more often on Sunday. During Q4 2014, mobile searches rose 17% higher on Sunday compared with other days in the week, while desktop searches ranked highest on Mondays, up 9% above an average day.


The Adobe Digital Index’s Q4 Digital Advertising Benchmark report also reveals that Facebook posts, impressions, interaction rates, and interaction types occur mostly on Friday. Interaction rates for Facebook posts from retail brands rose about 14% to 15% in Q4 2014, compared with the prior year.


Overall, Paid impressions on Facebook from retailers rose 53% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), and up 13% year-over-year (YoY). Organic impressions on Facebook continue to decline YoY, down 32%, as Facebook aggressively makes it more difficult for brands to become successful on its platform without adopting paid advertising. The number of posts on Facebook by retailers rose 31% QoQ during the fourth quarter, and 64% YoY.


The ADI report based findings on more than 500 billion Google and Yahoo-Bing ad impressions, and more than 400 billion Facebook post impressions.


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