Nielsen – Annual Marketing Report 2023


The need for consistent measurement in a digital-first landscape

Few changes in the media industry are as defining as audiences’ relationship with television. Originally developed to receive analog programming from nearby broadcast stations, today’s television is simply an oversized screen – one that can deliver anything the internet has to offer.

With the growing proliferation of smart TVs1 and the content they enable, brands have an emerging channel to engage audiences with – one that comes with more flexibility than traditional, linear programming affords. It also adds a new consideration for marketers as they assess of their marketing spend.

Streaming channels are not alone in attracting increased marketing spend from marketers. Brands are increasing their spending across all digital channels to keep pace with audiences – even amid economic uncertainty.

With this as a backdrop, the survey supporting this year’s annual marketing report desired to better understand which channels marketers are focused on, how effective they believe each channel is and how confident they are in assessing the returns of their investment across all of the channels they invest in.

The findings of the survey illustrate that brands are adjusting their marketing strategies to meet audiences where they are, with 84% of global marketers saying they now include streaming channels in their media plans. They also understand the importance of knowing who is engaging with the devices and channels that carry their advertising, as 71%, on average, acknowledge the importance of comparable measurement across channels. The downside within the findings, however, is that marketers express relatively low confidence in channel effectiveness and their ability to measure ROI across channels.