Kantar: Designing for a waste free future


Waste is a big issue because the world is in danger of being over-run with rubbish.

Brands have a big part to play in solving this challenge. 24 of the 38 categories Kantar tracks in the Sustainability Sector Index are strongly associated with over-packaging, non-recyclable packaging, landfill, overconsumption and waste.

Helping consumers produce less waste is a huge opportunity because there’s a significant value action gap. The Sustainability Sector Index 2022 found that while 45% of consumers say they want to use products that are reusable or refillable only 21% buy them.

To find out how your brand can play its part in creating a waste free world, download the report below.

The new report “Designing for a waste free future” identifies the key actions that brands need to take to maximise their impact, including:

  • Bringing everyone on the journey by designing products for mass adoption.
  • Identifying the global issues and the local interventions that reflect the cultural context.
  • Testing transformative approaches through partnerships.