Reader’s Digest European Trusted Brands Survey 2013



This document contains results for each of the 12 countries participating in the 2013 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey, a study of consumer attitudes and opinions related to everyday products and services.


Reader’s Digest European Trusted Brands enables marketers of local and global brands to:

•    identify by country, and across Europe, the brands consumers trust the most – 12 countries/over 100 product categories

•    evaluate the Trusted Brands consumers are most likely to buy and/or recommend

•    track brands’ performance over 13 years, country by country

•    measure consumers’ perception of each Trusted Brand according to 5 criteria

•    recognise the brands consumers believe to be socially responsible

•    highlight by country the criteria consumers themselves associate with trust in brands

•    learn more about who, and what, is likely to influence the purchase of untried brands

•    compare levels of trust in professions by country

•    examine the confidence Europeans have in their governments’ policies


Some figures:

•    In the category ‘Car` is VW (12%) the most trusted brand. Last year was the first position for Citroën.

•    Nokia (51%) is still the most popular cell phone brand.

•    Jet Air (24%) becomes the favorite holiday company. Last year took Neckermann the first place.

•    BNP Parisbas Fortis stays the first Bank Society although the percentage drops.

•    Ethias (23%) holds its first position in the category ‘Insurance Companies`

•    For ‘Hair Care` the consumers mostly chose for L`Oréal. Nivea is the most popular brand for Cosmetic and Skin


•    If we go to the pharmacist we chose usually Dafalgan (51%)