Mary Meeker’s 2016 internet trends report: all the slides, plus analysis


Internet analyst Mary Meeker (KPCB) presented last Wednesday her annual internet report with a wealth of information about the online world.


At 213 pages, there’s a ton of data, but here are the Top 3 takeaways.


1) The internet itself is seeing slowing growth. In the past two decades, the internet economy was affected by macroeconomic trends, but it was external issues like the housing crisis and the financial crisis that were driving the slowdown. Now it is global internet growth itself that is slowing down.


2) Typing text into a search bar is so last year. In five years, at least 50 percent of all searches are going to be either images or speech.


3) The home screen has acted as the de facto portal on mobile devices since the arrival of the iPhone and even before. Messaging apps, with context and time, have a chance to rival the home screen as the go-to place for interaction.