Conversational Marketing Handbook


Why did we update our Conversational Marketing Handbook?


Well, most brands have defined their communication territory to position their products and services. But since social media is all about conversations, brands can also claim a ‘conversational territory`.


We believe that for online conversations to be more effective for brands, you need a unique conversational territory. How do you find what`s right for you? Well, you need to know what your target group is talking about (a lot). Don`t start from your own brand territory, but find out which already existing conversation topic aligns with your brand vision, mission and values and take it from there.


Let`s illustrate this with an example. Think about conversations relating to extreme sports. Often Red Bull is mentioned in this context, even though their advertising campaigns are ‘cutesy` cartoons in which someone gets wings. The reason? Their online conversations are all about extreme sports. So, imagine your brand name popping into people`s minds whenever they have (online) conversations.


You are looking at the second publication of our handbook that contains 25 key principles of conversational marketing in a concise, bite-sized format. Use it to your advantage in future projects and in marketing meetings.