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Changing Communications – A CEO Perspective (C Square)

18:00 - 19:30

Willem de Ruijter (Executive Director/Board member VMAGROUP) will be presenting the results of a survey for which they interviewed CEOs regarding their expectations of their communications leaders and departments.

This is the 3d time VMAGROUP conducted such a survey and the first post- covid one. It is a qualitative survey, so it gives food for thought and room for discussions.

ESG communication needs all essential skills and capabilities for communications leaders. Reflection, advice, alignment, integrity. Bring in the outside perspective.

External communications to a wide range of stakeholders where format and channel selection is critical, from high-brow business media to local action groups and with room for dialogue.

Internal engagement and employer branding, taking into consideration intercompany cultural dimensions. A thorough understanding of their companies, the financials, the ability to absorb regulatory developments in the company storyline.