Laden Evenementen

Belgian Communication Summit

13:30 - 19:00

Is the pressure of political correctness becoming the 21st century’s censorship? Or vice versa?

During the Communication Summit 2018, C² will focus on content, target groups in communication and different platforms that rose and turned very interactive communications and opinion making into reality.

Communicating without upsetting people is getting more difficult every day. Apparently we live in a sensitive world. Some people get offended when companies, governments or spokespersons call things by their name, others get offended when political correctness is set as communication standard by others.

Is the pressure of political correctness becoming the 21st century’s censorship? Or is it vice versa? Are communicators being held hostage and limited in their creativity by their customers because of it? Are we working more for the masses reactions than for our customers? Are we still able to tell what we actually want to say or are we pro-actively avoiding any possible debate, which might be difficult to contain and to manage because of the impact and speed of social media? Are debates and reactions on social media manageable and containable anyway? Are we evolving towards discussion managers instead of discussion initiators?

Keynotes and debates

We will have three valued key note speakers to set the scene and to share their academic and business vision.

In two panels we will also confront different views of different stakeholders: journalists, bloggers, companies and non-profit organizations, politicians and social media platforms. To conclude the Summit, we intent to present you again a top speaker.

Assisting at the Summit means also participating at it. We count on the input of all C² members and other guests to get involved in the conversations and discussions, and to ventilate your version of your role as today’s communicator.

Moderator: Christophe Deborsu


  • 13h30: Welcome coffee/drink
  • 14h: Welcoming by C²
  • 14h10-14h40: Keynote 1 – Grégory Piet (Auxipress)
  • 14h40-15h25: Debate 1: professional debate: are we too soft in our standard communication? – Johan Vandepoel (ACC), Piet Moons (JEP), Emmanuelle Praet (RTL), Georges-Louis Bouchez (MR)
  • 15h25-16h: Break
  • 16h-16h30: Keynote 2 – Els Keytsman (UNIA)
  • 16h30-17h15: Debate 2: protest debate: how to react to emotional messages? – Dominique Michel (Comeos), Christophe Degrez (Eneco), Eveline De Ridder (Whyte), Hans Vandendriessche (Belga/Gopress)
  • 17h15-17h45: Keynote 3 – Jan Pieter Boodts (Studio 100)
  • 17h45-19h: Networking drink with finger food