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BAM Marketing Congress

09:00 - 17:00

Marketing used to be about creating brands and generating sales. Today, marketing is about managing brands that create value for customers. Customer centricity has been on the marketing agenda for years. Today, an increasing number of brands are taking up their role in society. Sustainability and equality are no longer stand-alone strategies, but a powerful component of the brand’s DNA.

Today, marketers need to carefully think about what we do and how we do it. Reflect on internal and external values. Break down the walls of the marketing department and inviting others in. People, teams, companies, brands, customers. We need to focus on creating brands that people connect to. Brands that support and inspire instead of push and sell. It is a story of balance, collaboration and openness. It is about our people and our future.

Welcome to the Era of Humanity. What is your next step?

What to expect at this year’s Marketing Congress – New format

The BAM Marketing Congress has changed fundamentally. With a new format that includes multiple stages – thematic tracks – sector based presentations – workshops – meet & greets – and of course, our Networking Village. The exclusive Marketer of the Year award ceremony is included in the congress. This full congress experience includes food, drinks, goodiebag, networking and dinner.


The full program will be announced in September, but here are some appetizers. Both congress days open with top female speakers of meaningful brands with smart strategies:

  • Jennifer Sey of the iconic global brand Levi’s, that has taken up a societal role in the US and beyond;
  • Dominique Leroy of Proximus, Belgian market leader in services, on their sustainability strategy.

Dedicated stages on FMCG, Services, B2B and Not for Profit. Discover those curated by our Meaningful Masters: Herman Toch (Purpose and Shared value), Pieter Daelman (Holistic & Collaboration) and Pierre-Nicolas Schwab (Personal & Trust).