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The 5th Conference on MarTech

09:00 - 18:30

The 5th Conference on MarTech is a Belgian based large-scale industry event that will create much-needed dialogue focused on the evolution of marketing technologies.

Marketing budgets are shifting to the benefit of technology. Marketing strategy and efforts have to become predictable, measurable, and transparent, which creates a shift in the role of agencies and every sales or marketing professional. Customers’ expectations are becoming unreasonably high while the willingness to share data is at an absolute low.

Hence, companies need to become more intentional in how to use marketing technology and their marketing needs to become genuinely data-driven. This is why organizations need to quantify and measure value rather than vanity. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is already lurking around the corner as a disruptive force of change.

The 5th Conference on MarTech seeks to provide insights on what works and what’s next and offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your peers and international subject matter experts on the topics above.