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Strategic Marketing Day

13:00 - 21:00

Strategic Marketing Day 2018 – Show me the money

The science of turning marketing into revenue

The money

Every marketing effort you do as a marketer comes down to one single point: money! Not only on how you spend it, if you have the opportunity, but most important, how to make it. What is the ROI of your efforts? How to measure it? Which simple tricks can you implement to make it happen? Where is the revenue?

The future

Looking at what is going on in several medium and big companies, you will see that silos are about to disappear. Sales and marketing are growing towards each other. Joint efforts are set up as customers are more informed than before. And you need to be there where your prospect or customer is!

The level

Gain marketing knowledge with tips, tricks, cases and insights of national and international speakers and companies. You will be able to start implementing this knowledge immediately after a #smdayBE edition.