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Marketing Automation Summit

12:45 - 18:00

Marketing Innovation Summit

To catch the customers’ attention, companies can either develop new products that respond to their clients’ not yet satisfied needs or communicate in a whole new creative way.

Moreover, businesses need to constantly improve their customer service and adjust their marketing efforts, so they can offer personalized experiences to their customers. Indeed, Marketing Automation & Innovation have an enormous potential for businesses.

Both have definitely become a part of the leading companies’ marketing strategies. Don’t miss out and get insights from experts at the Marketing Automation Summit on September 20.


Moderator: Alea Fairchild

  • 12:45: Welcome (27th floor)
  • 13:30: Opening keynote by Julien Simon (Amazon)
  • 14:00-14:55: Separate sessions
    • Keynote room
      14:00: Advanced data-driven marketing: case study – Daniel Hatcher (Adagio) and Kristof Schils (Bpost)
      14:30: The 4 most common mistakes in marketing automation and how to avoid them – Tim Karpisek (Raak)
    • Room 1
      14:00: PPC automation: from a mindset to an increased ROAS – Eléonore Dagneau de Richecour (Carrefour)
      14:30: Samsonite & Tumi en BigQuery data centralisatie + reporting en insights – Katrijn De Clippel (Samsonite Group) and Benny Sintobin (Frucon)
    • Room 2
      14:00: How did Celio optimize the performance of its 2019 collection using AI – Quentin Richelle (Retviews)
      14:30: Growth marketing: beyond the buzzword in 2020 – Yannick Khayati (The Growth Revolution)
  • 14:55: Networking break
  • 15:15-16:10: Separate sessions
    • Keynote room
      15:15: Tips & tricks to automate your acquisition strategy along the customer journey – Kevin Coppens (Universem)
      15:45: The power of chatbots: from automation to customer engagement (Coca-Cola Light taste quiz) – Alexandra Illiashova (The Coca-Cola Company)
    • Room 1
      15:15: How to optimize your marketing automation – Denis Jouniaux (Salesforce)
      15:45: Marketing and e-commerce: deep dive into abandonment features – Alexandre Vandermeulen (4C)
    • Room 2
      15:15: Corporate & marketing automation: how to handle the change (and not suck at it) – Tiberiu Stanciu (EY VODW)
      15:45: Myths about marketing automation: do’s and don’ts for marketers today – Isabelle Rubbrecht (Springbok Agency)
  • 16:10: Networking break
  • 16:25: InSites Consulting (Tom De Ruyck)
  • 16:55: Closing keynote by Reinhard De Milt (Teamleader)
  • 17:30: Closing cocktail