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BMMA Lunch: Danny Devriendt & Wim Labie

12:00 - 17:30

Kings of the past, Gods of the Future

If the future is the accelerated past, we should not be shy to look back and learn from it. Can we find the key to today’s breathtaking acceleration somewhere in the dark mists of our history?

Why is it that humanity’s foot pushes the pedal to the metal? Will we be able to keep the rubber on the road? Who or what is at the helm of this crazy machine?

We can clearly see demographics and automation on a spectacular collision course. The impact of cobots on our work-life habits will not all be pleasant. How will we cope? How will we reinvent? What is the impact on society, workforce, and doing business? Will inequality trigger a new pitchfork revolution?

The quantum particles in your cocktail on June 12th have more potential computing power than all of Facebook’s and Google’s servers combined. We’ll drink it anyway… By attending this conference lunch, followed by two workshops with many examples in the retail sector, you’ll sharpen your saw and break out of your comfort zone.

That’s our promise!

Danny Devriendt, Managing Director IPG Dynamic

Wim Labie, Digital Change Evangelist, LAVA consult