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Belgian PR Summit

14:00 - 19:30

Op dinsdag 28 november komen alle Belgische public relations specialisten samen op de jaarlijkse PR Summit.

Centraal thema dit jaar in de gebouwen van ING in Brussel is ‘Communicating in the post truth era’.

Tot de sprekers behoren onder andere Ivan De Vadder, Karl van den Broeck en Christian Van Thillo.

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Zooming in on content, audiences and platforms

You hear it amongst a lot of communication professionals today: “There is no single version of the truth anymore”. Strange indeed, because not so long ago the adagium still was “the truth and nothing but the truth”. What is happening?

It is becoming clear that people and even opinion leaders all have their own version of the “truth” depending on moment, place and perspective. And apparently, the general public is flexible enough to deal with that phenomenon. Communication professionals are thus facing at the same moment difficult and interesting times. Because, how for heaven’s sake do you communicate correctly in this post truth era?

During the PR Summit 2017, C² will focus on content, target groups in communication and different platforms that rose and turned very interactive communications and opinion making into reality.

We will have two internationally valued keynote speakers to set the scene and to share their academic and business vision on post truth communications.

In two panels we will also confront different views of different stakeholders: journalists, bloggers, photographers, companies and non profit organizations, politicians, social media platforms and millenials.  To conclude the Belgian PR Summit, we are glad to present you a top speaker.