Laden Evenementen

Belgian Communication Summit

17:30 - 21:30

This year C² is organizing the 7th edition of the Belgian Communication Summit, with an interesting keynote speaker, panel discussions and networking possibilities.

This year’s theme

One of the basic rules in journalism talks about objectively reporting facts. But how objective can this actually be? Are journalists knowingly (or not) looking for sensation because of the search for a larger audience? Are journalists actively trying to influence cases and thus sometimes trying to bend a legal or judicial process?

Opinions come in many forms. Recent declarations about “journalists having to openly state their own opinions” and/or “having to actively participate in public debates” are making communication specialist’s lives pretty hard.

Cartooning has always been a specific way of communicating inside and outside the media. Mocking people, situations and events, is generally well accepted by the broad audience. Because of the format (cartoon drawing) it is clear from the first glance that the viewer is about to see a personal opinion, some criticism or a satire on an actual (serious) issue.

An editorial has a similar “weight”. Readers know that they are about to be confronted with an opinion, simply because of the format. The real challenge lies underneath, however. In the actual act of mass media journalism. Loads of information and facts are often mixed with opinions. This is where both journalists and their audience “walk the thin line”. Opinion or fact? The question looks pretty simple, but actually has lots of layers.

During our 2021 annual summit C² will be happy to discuss this topic, with leading editors-in-chief, cartoon illustrators and journalists.