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Covid-19 & the consumers: what happens now? (Livestream)

15:00 - 16:00

A global crisis does not only destabilize our personal life, but also affects the economic aspect. How do you, as a brand, take responsible action in such circumstances?

To get a representative overview of the economic impact of Covid-19 in Belgium, House of Communication collaborated with PUB to conduct a national survey every two weeks with respondents aged 18 to 69 years, across 4 waves. The results will statistically give a subdivision and an evolution which can be filtered along age, region and education.

Doing so, the survey guarantees a detailed report on the most affected touchpoints, the general (changes in) mood, purchase criteria and brand perception. Additionally, the study gives the opportunity to identify specific profiles per sector in order to find out, for example, which persona buys more household appliances or which group sees a decrease in alcoholic beverages.

Discover the results on the 4th of June

Join the livestream on Thursday 4th of June, starting at 15:00, on all our social media channels. Serviceplan and PUB will receive a series of guests such as Joseph Jaffe, the American co-founder of HMS Beagle, and explain the study’s results.