Laden Evenementen

Programmatic Advertising Summit (Livestream)

13:30 - 18:00

The Programmatic Revolution: How Programmatic Advertising is changing the digital advertising landscape

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, advertisers are seeking more ways in which they can reach their customers with personalized one-to-one messaging. With digital advertising in particular, programmatic advertising has reached unprecedented adoption rates in recent years and there’s no doubt that programmatic advertising is one of the most successful.

Shape the future by joining us at the Programmatic Advertising Summit and discover the trends that will dominate the digital advertising landscape in 2020. You will be inspired by great cases and talented speakers including top brands, agencies, publishers and technology companies. Some examples of topics that will be discussed : voice search, online privacy awareness, DOOH, the importance of machine learning and AI, blockchain, evolution of personalization, 5G in programmatic advertising, in-house vs agency, programmatic TV, omnichannel programmatic, and so on.