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Kantar: Your fool-proof guide to powerful brand identity

12:00 - 13:00

Are you debating if your brand identity resonates your consumers’ emotional chords? Are you afraid your brand assets are not promoting your brand – but a competitor?

Let’s reveal the truth so you can feel reassured or empowered to make changes to strengthen your brand identity.

Brand Imprint, Kantar’s Neuroscience-based measurement, assesses if your consumers perceive your brand stand out of the crowd and if your assets resonate with them at a gut level. It reveals which elements of your brand identity are instinctive, which assets consumers struggle with and which assets still have the potential to build your brand and increase its mental availability if you tweak the assets.

Learn more about your guide to powerful brand identity by joining our brand experts during this webinar illustrated with many examples.


  • Martine Philippe – Brand Guidance Lead, Commercial Director at Kantar Insights Belgium
  • Eszter Boczan – Global Director of Behavioural Sciences at Kantar
  • Iwona Kolodziejczyk – Consultant Implicit Methodology at Kantar