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Kantar Talks: Optimizing the Return on Media Investments (Webinar)

10:00 - 11:00

Our world has changed. Consumers have changed. And brands aren’t keeping up. As one of the world’s largest data companies, Kantar has witnessed first-hand how leading brands are using analytics to not only keep up with today’s pace but win market share in one of the toughest economic environments of a generation.

Media allocation for a brand or market is never an easy task. It requires a sharp view on the brand’s targets, and a deep understanding of the current category dynamics and associated media landscape. Media budgets can be allocated in many ways, but they must respect not only the target profile but the industry and brand size.

  • Can this be optimized?
  • Can we learn from competitors?

Join the webinar and learn how our multimarket database helps us understand the winning media allocation strategies.


  • Mauro Fusco – Head of Analytics & Data Strategy at Central, Eastern and Southern Europe at Kantar
  • Geoffrey Ferlay – Head of Brand and Creative at Central, Eastern and Southern Europe at Kantar
  • Jane Ostler – Global Head of Media, Insights Division at Kantar
  • Julia Nikolaeva – Head of Media at Central, Eastern and Southern Europe at Kantar