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Catching up with the new normal: How brands are adapting to match consumers’ expectations post COVID-19 (Webinar)

10:00 - 11:00

Our world has changed. Consumers have changed. And brands aren’t keeping up.

As one of the world’s largest data companies, Kantar has witnessed first-hand how the world’s leading brands are using analytics to not only keep up with today’s pace, but also win market share in what is becoming one of the toughest economic environments of a generation.

Join us for an exclusive, four episode webinar series. We’ll be giving you the tips and tricks about how you can start using analytics to make smarter decisions and win more often:

  • Catching up with the New Normal: How brands are adapting to match post-Covid consumers’ expectations
  • Optimizing the return on Media Investments: What are the best practices in spending, media mix and channel impact
  • Fighting for Market Share: How big brands are winning the battle versus fair share
  • Same creative, different languages: How advertising travels across different cultural matrices and mindsets


  • Mauro Fusco – Head of Analytics & Data Strategy at Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (Kantar)
  • Geoffrey Ferlay – Head of Brand and Creative at Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (Kantar)
  • Matthew Dodd – Managing Director, Analytics, Media & Digital, UK (Kantar)
  • Jane Ostler – Global Head of Media (Kantar)
  • Daren Poole – Global Head of Creative (Kantar)
  • Jorge Alagon – Global Head of Digital & Data Science Innovations (Kantar)