Tell a Vision 2015: A Brief Summary in 15 Powerful Quotes


On the 13th October 2015, the Belgian TV market presented itself – for the first time as one voice – to relay information on TV evolution, to share new data on effectiveness and to assess new ways of advertising in the context of fully digitized media activities.


How will we watch TV in 2020? To what extent are new formats compatible and flexible to meet future trends of viewing such as ATAWAD? How do new technologies and formats affect the business of television? How do we manage the effectiveness of television campaigns?


In the following document you can find 15 powerful quotes of the speakers. These quotes give a brief summary about what was spoken during the day.


For the people who have missed the day, you can find the videos of the presentations online.


Dean Donaldson – Watching television now and in 2020 


Jan Callebaut – Is there a magic recipe of must-watch program


Matt Hill – Key findings from Thinkbox`s effectiveness studies


Thierry Tacheney – The impact of new technologies and formats on the television business