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Duval Union Academy : MarTech Tool Selection

10:00 - 16:00

Demystification of Marketing Automation

Dive deep into the core functionalities of Marketing Automation, and discover how top 10 vendors score beyond the mystification around AI, dynamic content, analytic tools, social media and DMP’s. Receive tips and tricks on how to negotiate and optimise vendor contracts, find out how to brief the vendor and how to challenge them in demo sessions, discover the Tool Selection Methodology, create a business case and so on.

This Masterclass will give you 10 best practices for purchasing Marketing Automation Technology, we will build the fundament of your business case and find out about the economical drivers behind Marketing Automation and you’ll receive a template and methodology to develop your own functional roadmap.


Renout van Hove (Martech expert and Founder of Growthagent)


  • 10.00: Welcome & start Masterclass part 1
  • 12.30: Lunch
  • 13.15: Start Masterclass part 2
  • 15.45: Q&A
  • 16.00: Network drink