Kantar: Modern Marketing Dilemmas


In this bold, thought-provoking and evidence-based guide, Kantar provides solutions to the day-to-day challenges marketers face to help them protect their margins.

In each of the seven chapters, Kantar presents actionable tips to help you strengthen your brand’s intangible perceptions in the mind of consumers – what ultimately gets your brand chosen and brings tangible value to your shareholders.

Kantar embraces opposing perspectives throughout, and by conducting in-depth empirical investigation and applying the latest advances in neuroscience, they help you move beyond table stakes.

Download this complimentary guide to discover:

  • Where does performance marketing meet brand building?
  • What role does brand play in the consumer decision journey?
  • Is brand differentiation an effective way to reduce customer price sensitivity?
  • How should your brand react when prices are going up?
  • How can you prove marketing adds value to your brand?
  • How should marketers stand up to recession?

Is it still ok to talk about brand loyalty?