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The 5th Conference on Digital Health

09:00 - 18:00

The 5th Conference on Digital Health is a new Belgian based large-scale industry event that will create a much-needed dialogue focused on evolutive and disruptive innovation across the health ecosystem.

Technology and digital do not drive transformation on their own. Instead, they are a means to a strategic end. Digital transformation in healthcare is therefore not about technology or data sciences as such, it’s rather about how we create a more sustainable healthcare model for the future, enabled by technology and digital.

The Conference brings together health providers, industry specialists, health employers, established and new pharma and medical systems providers, government, disruptive startup organizations and investors. It will create a platform and be a catalyst to discuss and ignite the transformations necessary to improve healthcare.

After the morning keynotes, the afternoon is built up in 4 different presentation tracks and 1 debate track:

Track 1: Digital transformation enabling a personalization of medicine

Track 2: Digital transformation enables a patient-centric, multidisciplinary delivery of care

Track 3: Digital transformation enables healthcare re-integration into society

Track 4: Digital transformation removes middle-men in the value chain

Track 5: Debate sessions on Artificial Intelligence, Patient Centricity, Patient Management and Future of Health