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PUB Luxury Experience

13:30 - 19:00

You’re invited to the first edition of the PUB Luxury Experience: the only Belgian B2B event to discover all trends and opportunities of the luxury market.

The market is changing and many brands are therefore seeking to evolve, each searching for their own identity. Millennials, CSR, Gen. Y, collaborations and experiences, those are some of the ingredients that will make your success in this field.

4 exceptional speakers will attend our event where trends and the biggest questions about the future of the luxury market will be addressed. These speakers are the most performing and inspiring actors in their respective fields. They thrive through innovation and performance. Since inspiring others is one of PUB’s motto, we will fulfill this very mission in every venture.


  • Charles Peugeot (DS Automobiles)
  • Wim De Schutter (Le Loft Epicurien)
  • Nathan Axford (Beyond Reason)
  • Marie-Ann Wachtmeister (Courbet)
  • Stefan Schmelcher (Kantar)