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BMMA Lunch: LN24, Belgium’s first 24-hour news medium

12:00 - 14:00

The new promise beyond the new(s) brand – Boris Portnoy, Joan Condijts and Martin Buxant


Boris Portnoy, Founder and CEO.
Joan Condijts, Founder and News Director
Martin Buxant, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

In an exclusive talk with BMMA, the founders of LN24 zoom in on the breaking news that has surprised the French-speaking audiovisual landscape in recent weeks: the launch of LN24, Belgium’s first 24-hour news medium, scheduled for 2019.

The project features well-known actors in audiovisual production and journalism, but also prestigious private investors – Belfius via Belins, Besix, Title Media (Giles Daoust), Ice Patrimonial (Jean-Pierre Lutgen) and so on. Above all, there is a promise of a brand and disruptive medium, with strong capital commitment and great emotional potential.