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BAM Marketing Congress

08:00 - 17:00
bam marketing congress 2018

Les jeudi 6 et vendredi 7 décembre se déroulera le congrès marketing annuel de la BAM. Pour cette 37e édition à Brussels Expo, l’association propose à nouveau un programme fort avec beaucoup d’intervenants intéressants, dans le thème Meaningfulness of Marketing. Durant le congrès, le Belgium’s New Brand of the Year Award récompensera la marque la plus forte lancée sur le marché belge lors de ces cinq dernières années.

Le Congrès permettra aux marketers de se mettre à jour sur les meilleures solutions disponibles sur le marché dans le Marketing Village grâce à la quarantaine sociétés représentées.


Programme – 6 décembre

  • 8h00 : Breakfast & Learn
  • 9h30 : Opening Jean Cornet, President of the Congress Inspirators, and host Marcus Orlovsky, Bryanston Square
  • 9h40-10h25 : Keynote Bob Hoffman (Ad Contrarian) – Marketers Are From Mars, Consumer Are From New Jersey
  • 10h30-12h30 : Technology and speed fighting each other

The two AI: conscious and unconscious – Hugues Bersini (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Retail Media, the next marketers hope – Alfred Levi (AholdDelhaize)
Le Marketing sera prédictif ou ne sera plus! – Stéphane Amarsy (Inbox)

  • 12h30 : Networking Lunch (Lunch & Learn)
  • 14h10 : Battle of the Voices
  • 14h25-16h15 : The Miracle of Redesigning Relationships

What creates meaningful work and meaningful marketing? – Jos de Blok (Buurtzorg)
Connecting brands with local economy – Koen Delvaux (Joyn)
How to realise an efficient marketing campaign for a brand, and at the same time be socially involved? – Elisabet Lamote (Trooper)

  • 16h20 : Marketer of the Year’s point of view (FR)
  • 16h45-17h20 : Keynote Tom Goodwin (Zenith Optimedia) – Advertising for the Post Digital Age
  • 17h20 : BAM Networking Drink & Party
  • 22h00 : Closing

Programme – 7 décembre

  • 09h05 : Opening Marcus Orlovsky
  • 09h10-10h00 : Keynote Simon White (FCB WEST) – What’s the purpose of brand purpose?
  • 10h05-12h10 : Creating Happiness in The Middle of The Congress

The Story of an unusual chocolate bar – Ynzo Van Zanten (Tony’s Chocolonely)
Sustainable fashion and the importance of storytelling – Ellen Kegels (LN Knits)
Happiness is creating value as people, with people, for people – Christophe Fauconnier (Innate Motion Group)

  • 12h15 : Marketer of the Year’s point of view (NL)
  • 12h40-13h00 : Award Announcement Belgium’s New Brand of Year 2018
  • 12h55 : Networking Lunch (Lunch & Learn)
  • 14h30-14h40 : 90 Seconds startup presentations
  • 14h45-16h30 : Death and Rise of Media Tycoons

The existential Threat of Big Tech – Franklin Foer (The Atlantic)
RTBF Journey: content first – Xavier Huberland (RTBF)
How is media doing in the Middle East? – Yaser Bishr (Al Jazeera)

  • 16h35 : Keynote Peter Schelstraete (Ubuntoo) – The Architect of Value
  • 17h00 : Closing