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Social Media Summit

12:45 - 18:00

The Positive Effects of Social Media

How brands have leveraged the power of social media during the crisis

For the past few months, everyone has been facing the Covid-19 pandemic. All kinds of businesses and companies have been affected. During this crisis, social media have been playing a very important role bringing people together and helping them disconnect and distract themselves.

Brands were forced to rethink their communicational strategy in order to connect with their customers during this crisis. By staying present and active on social media, brands are making sure they stay in their customers’ daily life and on their mind. In this context, social media play a distinctive role in keeping everybody’s spirits up.

Shape the future of social media by joining us at the Winter Edition of the Social Media Summit and discover the upcoming challenges of the social media landscape. You will be inspired by great cases and talented speakers including top brands, agencies and technology companies.

Some examples of the topics that will be discussed: the impact of social media on e-commerce, the higher adoption of augmented reality, video content and influencer marketing, the social media strategies deployed during the Covid-19 and many more.