Chargement Évènements


09:00 - 14:00

MAGnify is back live! Let the power of local media amaze you at our fifth annual conference.


  • Building engaged communities. Your ad will benefit from the quality and trust that our media built with the customer.
  • Creative possibilities to stand out. Anything that tickles the five senses.
  • Storytelling. How to balance beautiful stories between editorial and commercial content.
  • Non-intrusive ads. Ads in magazines are seen as natural in a trusted medium.
  • Cross-media solutions enhance ROI substantially. Following the behavior of the consumer.


  • Lucio Mesquita, Senior Consultant at Innovation Media
  • Jacqueline Loch, EVP Customer Innovation, SJC Content
  • Amélie Bénisty, Audience Director at ACPM (France)

Sofa Session

  • Britt Luyten, CCO – Maxus
  • Xavier Bouckaert, CEO – RMG
  • Stéphane Buisseret, CEO – Air Brussels

Moderator: Bart Lombaerts, Head of Content, Spyke.

Host: Marcel Vanthilt.