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Digital Transformation Summit

12:30 - 18:00

Digital transformation is leading change in a fast changing economy. Disruptive digital technologies are profoundly transforming the way business and organizations are evolving, creating new competences and models at the core of opportunities and impact on society in a strategic way.

Several axes are enabling such digital revolution, ranging from digitization to digital innovation, where big data, connected objects, customer centricity, business process outsourcing and smart cities leverage the acceleration of changes. But digital transformation is not only about disruptive technology.

Would you like to be updated regarding this (r)evolution? Join us for an afternoon of conferences where we will cover all aspects of the digital transformation journey.


  • 12:30: Welcome coffee
  • 13:30: Céline De Both (SNCB/NMBS) – How SNCB made a digital shift of 30% in just 1 year !
  • 14:00: Networking break
  • Room 1
    • 14:35: Jo Caudron (Duval Union Consulting) – How can we stay optimistic in times of exponential changes? How can we use technology to create a positive future?
    • 15:00: Lucas Decuypere (Adagio) – Marketing in the era of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML)
    • 15:30: Lisa Lombardi ( – How to create a company culture that entrusts employees to innovate and drive growth.
  • Room 2
    • 14:35: Tim Parideans (Deloitte) – Putting digital information at work in the world
    • 15:00: Marlene De Koning (Microsoft) – Data Driven Culture Transformation
    • 15:30: Etienne Gonsette (Partenamut) – Alexa: your best enemy?
  • 15:55: Networking break
  • Room 1
    • 16:20: Patrick De Pauw (Social Seeder) – Presentation by Social Seeder
    • 16:50: Kristof Schraepen (Colruyt) – Turbocharging legacy systems with IOT
    • 17:20: Jan van Heel (Europe Assistance) – How can we digitalise customer service without impacting customer experience and devaluing the brand
  • Room 2
    • 16:20: Helen Tueni (Cefora) – Digital Transformation Journey, a cautionary tale.
    • 16:50: Lionel Anciaux (IOT Factory) – IOT Building blocks. An Analysis based on 3 business cases in Smart Building, Smart Industry and Smart Construction.
    • 17:20: Alexander Schmitt ( – Presentation by
  • 18:00: Closing cocktail