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CommPass Session avec Karen Nelson-Field

09:00 - 10:30

Cet événement est exclusif et accessible gratuitement aux membres de CommPass.

Ce 28 mars, le Professeur australien Karen Nelson-Field sera en Belgique à l’invitation de l’ABMA/BVAM. Prof. Nelson-Field travaille au « Centre for Amplified Intelligence » sur la valeur relative des touchpoints media, et consacre une attention particulière à la vidéo. Quels attributs média permettent aux marques de croître ? Quelle importance accorder à l’attention ? Combien de temps les messages délivrent-ils leur efficacité, quels effets de synergie attendre etc.

Karen Nelson-Field’s bio

Professor Karen Nelson-Field has a PhD in media science and is considered a global authority in media strategy. Her work has been noted in prestigious publications including New York Times, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, Forbes, Fox Business Wall Street National and Huffington Post and she works with some of the worlds largest advertisers including Mars, Unilever, Shell and more. A regular speaker on the major international circuits, her current work focuses on cross-platform media effectiveness, but uses innovative research design methods including AI. She worked for 10 years at the prestigious Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (Byron Sharp) and is now Executive Director and founder of the Centre for Amplified Intelligence in Adelaide, Australia

“Not all reach is equal”

This presentation shows the results of a two-year cross platform research project « The Benchmark series », understanding what media attributes matter for brand growth and considerations about the value of each reach point. This series includes work on rates of decay across platforms, synergy effects and more.

  • Whether all platforms deliver the reach that is expected given established norms and what does this mean for reaching important light buyers?
  • What does this mean for the concept of wastage?
  • In particular, given the founding principle of Integrated Marketing Communication, is there a synergistic benefit in splitting a buy across two platforms?
  • Does adding a second platform improve STAS (short-term advertising strength) significantly?
  • Which platform offers advertisers the slowest rate of decay?
  • What does this mean for media planning?
  • What does this mean for the CPM?