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Kantar Webinar: Sustainability

16:00 - 17:00

Sustainability: From ambition into brand action

In an era of disruption, brands face an imperative to move from ambition to action on sustainability.

To maintain and build brand value, companies face the challenge of converting corporate sustainability strategies into clear brand actions that connect with consumers. To do this, businesses need to start by understanding the issues of relevance to consumers in their sector. Building on these foundations, potential ‘Swords & Shields’ can be identified, laying a path on how to drive progress and mass market adoption. As brands lean into driving sustainability actions to create brand value, they must address the consumer fuels and frictions to close the infamous value-action gap.

In this webinar, we will provide insights into evolving consumer attitudes to sustainability and reveal new findings from the Sustainability Sector Index 2022, covering 38 sectors across 32 countries and based on more than 33,000 interviews.

Join us for the webinar where we will discuss:

  • How to address sustainability in an era of disruption
  • The consumer-based Progressive Business Model
  • Different roles that sectors can play through the lens of three critical topics: waste, decarbonisation, and biodiversity

Overcoming hurdles to drive mass market adoption through bravery and boldness of action


  • Jonathan Hall, Head of Kantar Sustainable Transformation Practice
  • Karine Trinquetel, Global Offer Lead, Kantar Sustainable Transformation Practice
  • Dr Nicky Morley, Head of Behavioural Science & Innovation Expertise, Kantar Insights UK