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Kantar: How do I manage my marketing investments to deliver ROI in a pandemic? (Webinar)

15:00 - 16:00

In these challenging times, getting the most out of your media budget is crucial for all brands to ensure business stability and growth. Find out how one of the world’s biggest brands has increased sales and built future demand during the pandemic, with reduced marketing budgets.

Sunando Das, Head of Predictive Marketing and Shopper Analytics at Unilever, will share how Unilever has overcome these challenges as well as practical tips to help you succeed.

We will also help to answer some key questions, including:

  • What’s the best way to balance my sales and brand goals? What are the key success drivers?
  • With the uncertainty of the pandemic, what should my future marketing budget goals look like?
  • How do I utilize my unique brand assets and must they change? How can I get more return on my equity?
  • Should I divert all investment to digital? What should be the balance between on & offline spend?
  • How important is creative quality to further maximize my ROI?


  • Sunando Das – Head of Predictive Marketing and Shopper Analytics at Unilever
  • Bernard Chudy – Senior Consulting Director at Kantar
  • Akhila Venkitachalam – Consulting Director at Kantar