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Kantar : Creative Effectiveness Awards 2021

12:00 - 13:00

In 2020 we evaluated over 10.000 ads for our clients and have identified the most powerful ads – those that are both creative and effective. The Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards celebrate the best performing global ads, as evaluated by Link. The ads are evaluated based on how they perform in terms of both short-term sales and long-term equity. We established a ranking of the twenty most effective campaigns in the world.

The Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards are special because they celebrate the best performing global ads, as judged by consumers, rather than the advertising industry and because context is provided by our 200.000+ database of ads. More precisely, the approach on which this ranking is based aggregates their perceptions around two predictive and validated indicators of the short-term and long-term effectiveness of advertising. The twenty best campaigns in the world outperform on these two dimensions.

On the occasion of this webinar, Kantar returns to this ranking and analyzes the advertisements that have proven to be the most effective during this year of testing. We will share the five pillars of effective creativity, to help advertisers and agencies perform even better in 2021. Our creative experts will reveal the best ads, discuss their winning ingredients, and the five habits they all have in common. They will look at how to create short and long term impact with advertising, how great advertisers responded to the challenges of COVID-19 – and much more.


  • Deniz Sariyildiz – Creative & Media Effectiveness Director at Kantar Insights Belgium
  • Liana Ganescu – Senior account manager, Creative Domain & BrandZ lead at Kantar Insights Belgium
  • Pieter Goossens – Senior Director – Technology & Digital Lead at Kantar Belgium