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Kantar : BrandZ Strongest Belgian Brands 2020 (Webinar)

12:00 - 13:00

Strong brands across categories prove resilient to extreme stress

Global data showed us that strong, meaningfully different brands are better weathering the crisis. Boosted by the pandemic, Amazon remained the strongest brand globally and grew by 32% in value in 2020.

And what about our Belgian brands? Which brand holds the strongest equity in 2020?

This year our BrandZ research in Belgium covers more categories and more brands than ever. We will learn who tops our ranking in equity and what the traits of the most meaningfully different brands in Belgium are as well as how this compares with the trends we notice across global brands.

BrandZ is the largest brand building platform in the world. It is 100% consumer focused; this year in Belgium we evaluated 146 brands from 10 categories, among 4.000 consumers.