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Best Brands Awards

20:00 - 22:30

Organized for the first time in Germany 17 years ago by Serviceplan Group, the Best Brands Awards have since been exported to different countries. In Belgium, Best Brands Awards are organized by Serviceplan in partnership with GfK.

The unique Best Brands concept measures the strength of a brand based on a study conducted by GfK (5,000 respondents and 350 brands analysed), according to two criteria: Its real economic success on the market (share of wallet) and its emotional impact (share of soul) on the consumer. And, all of this without the interference of any jury.

This year’s edition will celebrate the arrival of a new category: the Best Sustainable Brand. Our purchases are more and more focused on our basic needs, we are buying more consciously, more locally, and COVID-19 is accelerating the use of digital technology, including and especially for commerce. Therefore, this year we have put focus on sustainability in our research.

Due to the COVID restrictions, the Best Brands Awards 2021 will not be held in the form of a physical gala this year, but will be broadcast as a television show, filled with interviews, short movies and, of course, the announcement of each of this year’s winners.

The special guest of the evening will be Cambridge speaker Dr. Wayne Visser. His work as a strategy analyst, sustainability advisor, CSR expert, futurist, film producer and professional speaker has taken him to 77 countries to work with over 150 clients, ranging from Coca-Cola, Dell, DHL and HSBC to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank.