Rio Welcomes the World: A Glimpse of the 2016 Games


Excitement about the Rio Games is running high, and this summer, people will channel it into mobile.


According to a Facebook-commissioned survey by GfK, an average of 72% of people around the world are enthusiastic about the Rio Games. And that number is even higher in Brazil despite mounting financial worries, political instability and the Zika virus.


To keep up with news from the Rio Games, 64% of enthusiasts globally plan to use a mobile device. The shift to smartphones means that people will experience the Games on their own terms. Track and field fans won`t have to sprint to the TV for the latest stats, and gymnastics lovers will have the flexibility to catch up on routines anytime, anywhere.


In turn, marketers looking to connect with the international community will need to put some muscle behind their mobile presence and keep campaigns running `round the clock.


For more insights about how people plan to cheer on the Games and what it means for marketers, check out the infographic below featuring data from our survey of 14,371 people ages 18–55 across 17 countries.