Kantar: Media Trends and Predictions 2022


In many parts of the world, restrictions have loosened; the early stages of economic recovery have begun; and in media, where we have witnessed some rebalancing of investment across channels, growth is forecast.

Yet the future for this dynamic, interconnected and truly global industry contains many uncertainties. It’s for this reason that Kantar has been particularly careful and meticulous when producing their Media Trends and Predictions 2022.

This year, they have tightened their focus to examine five key themes, creating a report that mixes the most notable trends with evidence-guided predictions and insightful thought leadership.

  • Video Streaming: a complex and ever-evolving market
  • Performance media and marketing: an expanding playground for brands
  • Re-modelling the commercial internet: how will successful brands and media owners navigate through such radical change
  • Life in a pandemic and what it means now for brands and media
  • A different approach to data

The goal is to help readers clearly identify both risks and opportunities for 2022 in full expectation that it will be a critical year for most.