IAB Belgium Whitepaper on Automated Trading – November 2013



The evolution of the display advertising market over the past few years has been phenomenal. Among other technology advancements, the emergence of cloud computing and affordable automated technologies which allow efficient data management have created new possibilities to serve both advertisers and publishers needs. Automated trading and programmatic buying enables marketers to consolidate customer interactions across multiple channels into a single dashboard, and then use that dashboard to develop a single, overarching strategy about how to best engage (and continue the conversation) with those audiences.


In order to help advertisers and publishers to take up the challenge to improving efficiency by innovating the supply chain, the IAB Belgium Project Group on Automated Trading has developed a whitepaper. This whitepaper aims to provide both advertisers and publishers answers to many questions surrounding the growing automated trading trend. The automated trading market is evolving at a fast pace. It is therefore possible that part of the content of this whitepaper, published in September 2013, could slightly differ from reality given the speed at which things are changing.