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08:30 - 18:00

AI Convention Europe

The AI Convention, organised by TIMGlobal Media and Mark-Com Event, is an occasion to provide participants with a better understanding of the AI issues at different scales and to provide an excellent opportunity for peer-to-peer meetings.

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08:45 - 18:00

Belgian E-commerce Conference

The Belgian E-commerce Conference provides knowledge for starting, running and expanding your online business, whether you are a retailer just starting or expanding your online business, or a niche pure player.

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09:00 - 14:00


Learn more about the genuine assets of magazine media at Magnify's third edition, which will be held in Zaventem. International and national speakers will guide you through these insights. This event will be presented by Marcel Vanthilt.

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15:30 - 21:55

eTrade Summit

The eTrade Summit is the perfect place to exchange knowledge on every level, reaching out to new start-ups and seasoned e-professionals. Learn from experts at roundtable sessions.

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