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13:30 - 16:30

VRT Sandbox Sessions (Online)

In 2020, VRT Sandbox celebrates its 5th birthday. Expect an online floor filled with an afterwork party atmosphere, highlights of 5 years of Sandbox, our latest accelerator news for scale-ups looking for international expansion and funding etc.

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13:00 - 18:00

Digital Pharma Summit (Livestream)

We are hearing more about the emerging field of digital therapeutics, technologies which can not only improve clinical results of medicine, but also have direct results as stand-alone treatments. Meet the managers dealing with these topics.

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12:45 - 18:00

Social Media Summit

Brands are scrambling to respond to the pandemic gripping the world. In this context, social media have a more important role than ever. Attend the Social Media Summit and discover the upcoming challenges of the social media landscape.

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