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BMMA: CSR in Action

16:30 - 19:00

How to maximise the impact of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives ?

Join us for a unique interactive session entitled ‘CSR in action’, organised by BMMA and enabled by RMB and Gamned.

In a context where an ecosystemic vision is crucial, we invite you to discover how to maximise the impact of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We will share case studies from the fields of media, marketing, technology and artificial intelligence, demonstrating how this approach can enrich your understanding of managerial issues and focus your efforts on the most impactful actions.

Our session also includes two unmissable practical workshops: we will guide you through reducing environmental impact on marketing efforts, while presenting the best tools for minimising the carbon footprint of your media plans.

Come and acquire the knowledge and resources you need to become an agent of sustainable change and meet consumers’ growing expectations in terms of sustainability.


  • Valérie Janssens – Director Media, Data & Tech – RMB
  • Jean-François Zirger – CSR Director – Biggie Group
  • Araceli Almada – Sustainable Marketing & Advertising Advocate – Biggie Group


  • Introduction by the BMMA chairman (5′)
  • Welcome to Gamned (5’)
  • Presentation of the ecosystemic vision + workshop (45’)
  • Workshop on optimising the pillars of a responsible marketing (40’)
  • Workshop on methods to decarbonise media plans (40’)
  • Wrap Up by the BMMA chairman (5’)


Gamned Belgium
Rue Saint-Hubert 17, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre