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BMMA: Art In Action

18:30 - 21:00

“From laboratory to outback: a unique adventure into aboriginal art”

BMMA is particularly pleased to invite you to this next meeting to listen to the story of an astonishing and atypical journey of one of its former students of the Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communication.

This singular meeting with Bertrand Estrangin in his art gallery, will unveil us how, in 2014, his passion for the Australian aboriginal art took precedence over a career in the chemical industry at Solvay.

How does Bertrand combine the management of an art gallery and marketing and art. How does he gain and maintain the trust of the artists who entrust him with their meaningful works. How does he succeed in competing with other cities like New York, Paris or London. He will also give us his opinion on digital art and what he thinks of A.I. in pictorial art in general.

On the programme: a presentation, an immersion in Australian aboriginal art to close the evening with networking round a drink.