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The Retail Society: the secret behind

15:00 - 18:00

No other company embodies the growing success of e-commerce in Belgium as does. Exclusively for members of the Retail Society Digital, Michel Schaeffer (former Marketing Director and driving force behind the company) unravels the secret of’s success.

Michael Schaeffer was one of the founding fathers of, nowadays a company with a turnover of 1 billion euros. In september 2015 he left, where he held the position of Marketing Director and COO, today he publishes a book in which he takes a look behind the scenes.

He talks on his experiences and the growth of and will tackle different crucial questions, such as:

  • How did succeed in growing from a start-up tot the company it is today?
  • How does it take care of continuous innovation?
  • How does it sustain its success in a marketplacet that is becoming increasingly competitive?
  • What lessons can other retailers learn from
  • How can you build up and grow your e-commerce activities?